Friday, January 9, 2015

Another Update

So, college was kicking my butt for a while, and I didn't have a chance to play much. Then, when I finally got the chance, my neighborhood crashed.
Guess who hadn't saved her neighborhood yet?
So, that's the end of this particular version of Aiden. But you know, this was never the story that I truly wanted to write. The original concept for Aiden was for a much broader, more traditional rotational soap opera-ish Sims story. I wanted to start small, but I feel like that was the wrong thing to do--I need to write the story that presented itself to me. Some of the characters will show up in slightly altered forms, or even in the same forms, but the story will be radically different. I also can't promise when this particular story will be uploaded. Aiden 2.0 is taking a while to set up. But I think that I will have a better time writing it, and I hope that others will enjoy it when I do eventually publish it.
So! In short, I learned to save save save, and although this journey has been brief, I enjoyed it. I hope you did to.

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